To Love is To Give


To Love is To Give:  A Felician Legacy of Service Event

A special event was hosted at the Felician Center, Kingstree, SC on February 16, 2016 for Board members and volunteers.

Sister Anthony Kubat and Sister Catherine Ryzewicz from South Bend, Indiana volunteered during a winter break to serve at the Felician Center.  Culinary experts as they are, the two guest chefs prepared all kinds of appetizers and finger foods for the gathering of about 48 guests.  The purpose of the ecumenical gathering was to view the DVD, To Love is To Give:  A Felician Legacy of Service.

Sister Susanne Dziedzic, Director welcomed all the guests and affirmed them to appreciate their part in the modern day history of the presence and service of the Felician Sisters in North America.  As the audience viewed the DVD, there were many eyes with a tear or two coming down the cheek.  There were some oohs and ahh’s as the audience experienced a first time history of the Felicians Sisters.  Of course, when the section featuring the Felician Center was shown, Trudy Rice and Chuck Belding, Methodist, Jean Nexsen, Presbyterian and Della Mae Cooper, North Baptist Church.   Applause came from the audience during and after the DVD was viewed.  Comments from the audience were solemn and humbling.  Jenny Lynn Preacher, a Presbyterian, mentioned how when she was a little girl she watched a movie that made her want to become a missionary.  But as time would have it, she met her wonderful husband, Dickey, married and raised their children.  Jenny Lynn went on to say, “serving in the Felician Center has given her that fulfillment of being a ‘missionary’ right in her own backyard in SC”.   Fr. Marek Sotek, pastor of St. Ann Catholic Church affirmed the audience on their part of living the corporal works of mercy as challenged by Matthew: 25.


Sisters Jackie, Johnna and Susanne burst with pride to share this DVD with the Board and volunteers.  There is no doubt that this resource accomplished what it was intended to do.  Our ministry partners were moved by the Felician Sister’s rich history and in turn were affirmed for their participation in our history into the future.