Health Care Programs  

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The Felician Center offers a variety of Health Programs
to assist the residents of Williamsburg County South Caroline struggling to meet their health needs.

Eye, Dental, and Prescription Program:  On Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays interviews are conducted to determine whether registrants qualify for the program.   Local doctors provide the needed service and local pharmacies are supported through the program.

Health Screenings:   On Fridays during the Fall and Spring semesters, the Francis Marion University students and their instructor provide health screenings including weights, basic eye exams, glucose testing, blood pressure and cholesterol testing.

HIV Testing:  On the 2nd Friday of the month representatives from Careteam in Conway, South Carolina, offer HIV testing.  Test results are given within 15 minutes and further consultation is available if needed.

Mercy Medical Free Clinic:  Collaboration with the Mercy Medical Free Clinic began initial efforts to provide medical assistance to the uninsured here in Williamsburg County.   Some residents of Williamsburg County are already accepted into the program and receive vouchers for transportation to the clinic in Florence. 

Learning Center Program:  The staff and volunteers, along with Science South in Florence coordinate their programs so that emphasis is on maintaining a healthy life style for the students. They are learning about their bodies and how healthy food choices can be of benefit.  Healthy snacks are interspersed with fun snacks.

A middle aged man, a Food Pantry client and volunteer for chores around the facility had amassed a debt to a clinic for services rendered.  He knew his health was poor, but could not afford health insurance.  He availed himself to the health screenings provided by Francis Marion University students on Fridays at the Felician Center.   His blood pressure was elevated, but the students could not do any more than inform him of this fact.  Months went by and finally Mercy Medical Free Clinic was taking applications at the Felician Center.  Staff and volunteers from Mercy Medical Free Clinic enlisted the Sisters to assist with the applications.  The man was so happy he could apply for this service to the uninsured.  One of the sisters assisted him in completing the application and it was sent to Mercy Medical in Florence.  Within less than two weeks, he received notice that he was approved for the program.  He has to go from Kingstree to Florence for the clinic, but Mercy Medical will provide vouchers for transportation.  Now he can receive medical assistance for his hypertension and other ailments.



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