History of Felician Center

In August of 1992 Sister M. Johnna Ciezobka and Sister M. Susanne Dziedzic arrived in Kingstree, South Carolina to begin a Mission on behalf Congregation of the Felician Sisters. The two Sisters shared a common vision, mission and passion instilled in them by God to serve their brothers and sisters in Christ.  They chose to live in the neighborhood that they would serve so as to be totally available to the people, as was their Foundress Blessed M. Angela a century ago.   With no plan on what God was calling them to do, they heeded the advice of two Sisters who had been in the south, and told them to “Fall in love with the people and the people will call forth from you what they need.”  Within three days there were five children on the back porch of the convent doing homework.  So began the St. Ann Catholic Outreach Center’s After School Program.  The Center shared a 501 (c) (3) status through the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina.  It was the start of a journey of what was to become a multi-faceted ministry that would expand to include not just new programs to meet the needs of the people, but would also become a wonderful ecumenical collaboration of Churches in Williamsburg County.

"Fall in love with the people and the people will call forth from you what they need.”


Two more Felician Sisters arrived in 2008. Sister M. Adrian Jumbelic and Sister M. Clarence Borkoski came to Kingstree to help the Sisters in the Outreach Center.  In 2009 Sister M. Jacqueline Benbenek joined the Sisters and took Sister M. Clarence’s place.   By 2010, St. Ann Catholic Outreach Center had grown by leaps and bounds and the time had come to build a new facility and become incorporated.  So on February 10, 2010 the entity known as St. Ann Catholic Outreach Center was incorporated under the new name of Felician Center Inc. The new Center was completed in May 2012 and opened July of that same year.  The new facility would house the Offices, St. Felix Food Pantry, St. Clare Clothing Closet, Blessed Angela Dining Hall and a host of other events.  The original Center was remodeled in 2013 and became the Learning Center in place of the After School Program.

The two founders, Sister Johnna and Sister Susanne truly believe that the Divine Providence of God, faithfulness to prayer and love of neighbor as exemplified by Blessed Angela, truly nurtured and grew this mission to what it is today.  The Sisters who shared and continue to share in this ministry along with the entire Felician Sisters of North America Province rejoice in God’s goodness and generosity toward his poor ones.