So much of what we know of love is learned.

So much of what we know of love is learned.

The Felician Center is very proud to offer such creative learning for the 30 children who participate in it during the school year.

The Felician Sisters and volunteers help students with their homework, provide reading and math enrichments in the state of the art computer lab funded by the Sisters of Charity of SC Foundation, and provide snacks and many more enrichment opportunities.

Volunteers Kathy MCCullough and Patty Richardson taught the children to weave baskets to the wonderment of all.  Twisting and turning, the children created the baskets that they said were used to “hold fruit”, “decorate tables” and “bring smiles” to family members!

Sister Johnna, as master gardener, involved the children in a CHILDRENS’ GARDEN sponsored by the Felician Sisters of North America.  Seeds were planted, watered and cared for that produced lettuce, carrots, spinach, radishes and more to make salads for a FAMILY NIGHT.  It was delicious and healthy, too.

Jean Nexsen and Sister Carol Ann offered some nutrition classes by teaching about the body, its functions and healthy ways to eat.  Each lesson included a prayer that thanked God for the unique work of creation we all are made to be.

Retha Kelly Horne and friends from Science South provided experiments and activities to dazzle and challenge the thinking skills of the children. “Making blood”, “making mozzarella cheese”, “creating a working model of the lungs” and a “battery operated moving robot” were a few of the lessons that correlated to the SC science curriculum.

Donors and benefactors provide generous gifts to purchase the necessary materials needed for such instructions.  Many wonderful volunteers work with the children to provide such quality opportunities to learn new things.  It is love that motivates the benefactors and the volunteers to do this at Felician Center.  In return, the children and their families know that they are loved and it keeps passing on.