Mission Statement /Core Values

Our Mission Statement

The Felician Center seeks to be a transforming presence through compassionate ministry, educational services and loving care.

Our Core Values

Respect for Human Dignity:  Human life is sacred.  Central to the value of human dignity is the understanding that every person is created in the image of God.  The Gospel invites all persons and societies to a new life lived abundantly in respect for human dignity.

Compassion:  God is always extending compassion toward us, loving us through the ups and downs of our journey.  We, in turn, are meant to offer this compassion to others.

Transformation:  From the moment we are conceived, we are in the realm of change.  Transformation is the process that encourages an open mind and heart, leading to continuous improvement of the person.

Solidarity with the Poor:  A basic moral test of a society is how its most vulnerable members are faring.  In keeping with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, the needs of the poor and vulnerable are met through advocacy and action.

Justice and Peace:  Justice means creating environments supportive of fairness and equity, which include:   forging right relationships; re-creating a sustainable environment; promoting the common cause; and, fostering the pursuit of peace.